How a Kinesiology Treatment Works

You will find it relaxing and enlightening, from interview to treatment to sound advice!

Achieve Health in a few Short Simple Steps

Step 1: Interview

Medical History

First you fill out a medical history form and send it back to me before the fist session.  This gives mt a good understand of your situation and any problems you want help with.  Then at the beginning of the first treatment I will ask any additional questions I may have to form a picture of where you are and where you want to be health-wise.

Step 2: Treatment

Physical Treatment

Muscle tests are carried out on a treatment couch. You remain fully clothed during the treatment.  A lot of imbalances and problems can be addressed directly during the treatment using non intrusive and painless methods.

Step 3: Recommendations

Post Treatment

In addition to the physical treatment, you may be recommended certain exercises to do on your own, or make changes to certain aspects of your diet or lifestyle. Occasionally a supplement or herbal remedy may also be recommended.

Step 4: Follow-up

Additional Sessions

We start treating the problem in the first session, but normally a few additional treatments are required to resolve persistent problems or provide your body with the additional support it may require.