Kinesiology can treat almost any problem!

Here are some common problems Kinesiology can fix

With Kinesiology the body can help itself curing almost any problem. Asking the body what is wrong with it allows us to diagnose and treat a wide range of problems effectively. Here are some common problems we can treat effectively:

Digestive Problems

Kinesiology can treat food allergies, pinpoint nutritional needs and identify food sensitivities and help the body overcome them.


I have had great success in treating asthma and problems connected to the respiratory system.


With Kinesiology you can get to the root of the problem quickly and fix it.


Using tried and tested techniques, the body is strengthened and able to cope better with this recurring event.


A happy body promotes a happy mind. Kinesiology can help.

Sleeping Problems

Adjusting your body clock can work miracles for your sleeping patterns, there are so many things that can help and simple things you can do as well.

Back Problems

Back pain can be linked to so many different symptoms, we find the cause and together we can create a solution.

Joint Problems

Structural adjustments are easy with Kinesiology. I treat all kinds of joint problems.

Weight Problems

The human diet is a complex thing, Kinesilogy can show you how to eat in a way that is right for you and identify the reasons for holding onto to excess weight.

Skin Problems

Skin probelms are a sign of the body not working properly or an allergy to something.  Easily identified, changes happen quickly.


Sometimes finding the allergy is the key, sometimes the body can be taught to cope and the allergy cured.

Food Sensitivities

They can arise from a multitude of things and Kinesiology can suggest a treatment and a cure.


With simple techniques based on acupressure and other efficient remedies, circulation can be greatly improved.

Emotional Problems

Emotional problems can be related to physical problems, stresses, foods and much more. I can treat all of these things.


Kinesiology offers many techniques and exercises to improve coordination in both old and young.


These are hectic times, strengthening the body to cope with it will allow you to relax when you need to.

Lack of Energy

Whether from lack of proper nutrition, sleep or other causes, Kinesiology can find and treat it.

Unexplained Pain

Where conventional medicine can fail to explain pain, Kinesiology can find and treat elusive problems other therapies cannot.

In addition to the above, Kinesiology can treat a lot of other symptoms. Usually only a few treatments are needed to get great results. For an initial consultation, please contact me today! I can help your body help itself.